i've tried the Paf pro and the air norton and both were very muddy. i've got the Super 2 and it's almost perfect... with a 1-meg volume pot. problem is i'd like to use a 500k push/pull (can't find 1meg p/p). also, the super-2 sort of over powers the TZ.

i play both clean and distorded and want something that has clarity.

i've been reading about:

Humbucker from Hell - gets raved at HC, but i wonder about its low output level and its single-coil flavor. i'm not looking for a single coil. i want to split a real humbucker.
Evolution neck - mixed reviews at HC
Breed neck
air classic - recomended by dimarzio staff, but i wonder about its low output level
D-Activator neck - rated as more powerful than the TZ but not quite as powerful as the super-2

willing to go with seymour duncans, but i don't know which ones. and as a last resort, i could start from scratch and replace both pickups. but i really like the TZ.

set up is a tricked-out DKMG >> Mesa V-twin >> Mesa 50 cal +
what kind of music are you playing?
Dont get too put off by output levels imo.

The HFH is more p90-s sounding. But it still sounds like a humbucker nonetheless. Its one of my favorite dim pickups

usually with the tone zone most people go the Air Norton or Paf Pro/joe route. I done all three. Each have their pros and cons. Out of those i liked the Paf Joe and HFH the best. The low output isnt really too noticeable. You'll notice a cleaner clean that has a little more bass and mid clarity than with the TZ.

as with Air classic- I liked it alot. Wish i kept it in one of my guitars. despite low output, when overdriven its still warm and clean sounding.
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What tones are you looking for? there is a big range of pups you have

Breeds are quite warm pups while HFH is very bright a SC like
Between that is the Evo which is a very nice pup - just look at steve vai

What was wrong with the Paf Pro btw it is an amazing pup IMO and does 80s and NWOBHM songs very easily.
What types of music do you play
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Low output pups are how Ed gets his awesome tones. In all honesty, if Seymour Duncan made Jazz bridge pickups in trembucker sizing, I'd definitely use 'em. Go with the Airs, either the Air Classic or Air Zone . Plus, low output pickups sound better in the neck position.

If you go SD, you gotta make a decision: a slightly darker, crunchy pickup [59], or a more clear, open pickup [Jazz]. There are a few other neck pickups from Seymour Duncan, but these two are the most common.
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well last night i decided to play on the clean channel for once, and now i have to completely re-tool my guitar's sound.
this is getting difficult. the super-2 has a wonderful clean tone, with the 1-meg pot. so i think i need something even brighter, and less output.
the TZ on the other hand just sounded empty. like there' was nothing there. good tone under distortion, but an empty feeling when clean.
what to do?
i really don't know what tone i'm after, i just want something that sounds good. so i think i'm going to replace both pickups now.