Basically right now I have a Marshall MG, yes it get's slated for how crap it is, and so far it has provided me with more than enough variation and tonal aspect to mess around with and discover

Right now I'm playing in a band which ranges from indie rock verging on metal, but I probably will range from rock to metal genres. I like nice crunchy overdrive with some bite to it and nice smooth rolling cleans and 3 band EQ on both Channels

Right now my main axe is an Epiphone Standard

Price Budget, although I don't have just now, I'll be saving up to when I get a job, which is murder just now trying to find one, will be max about £700 - £800 (pounds). Don't feel you have to max the budget If a cheaper combo suffices please do suggest

As of current I have no effects pedals, and intergrated Reverb would be a bonus, but not neccesary


[Edit] Will be using it for performing in small venues and halls at most
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ENGL Thunder - This is a nice amp. If you like to use saturated harmonics in your music, however, I wouldn't suggest it, particularly at lower volumes. But if you push it hard, the gain starts to pile out.
Unfortunately, they may go over your budget. And don't look for one in the UK - you get ripped off. Try Thomann or Music Store. I imagine, though, they will still be a little out your price range, so used is your best bet. They aren't regularly posted on ebay, but if you are patient, you could probably pick one up between £500-700.

Laney offer some great amps within your price range:

Laney AOR - I haven't personally played this, but I do hear quite a few folks around here saying how much they like it.

Laney VH100R - This is the loudest amp I've ever played. It just feels more prominent than any other 100 watt out there. It has a really decent EQ setup, meaning you can evoke quite a few varying sounds out of it. It has tonnes of gain and a really crystalline clean channel.
Some find Laney amps to sound thin and brittle, but this one isn't quite so harsh - it has more bass, particularly when you play it through a closed-back 4x12 cabinet.

Laney GH50L - Another great amp. But it only has one channel, with a boost function that engages a small amount of gain. That's not to say you can't use an overdrive pedal to play the heavier stuff.

Laney LC50

Laney TT100

Laney VC30 - this won't allow much headroom for live playing if you often use a really "perfect" clean tone.

Marshall DSL - Not the best sounding amp on the planet but it's definitely worth mentioning, particularly at this price.

Marshall JCM900

Marshall JCM Kerry King - needs a cabinet. You can pick up a Framus Dragn 2x12 on Thomann.de for £250. This is supposed to be quite good. I haven't personally played it, but many folks around here have given it plenty of praise, and the clips and videos don't sound bad, either.

Seems to be an original JCM 800. Very worthwhile.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - you could easily put a distortion/overdrive/fuzz pedal in front of this to push out more gain for the heavier stuff. Really nice clean tones, as well.

Orange Rocker 30 - This is a great amp. I really like it - it's very dark and raunchy sounding.

Peavey Triple XXX - This is more designed for metal, but it's diverse and capable of most styles, IMO.

Hope that helps.
Saw that a Laney AOR was suggested.

I own one right now and have to say it amazed me when I got it. It was also my first tube.

I'v heard they have many problems as they're so old but the only problem I have with mine is unwanted noise when not playing. This is easilly fixed with a service that shall be done soon.

But yeh, these amps have ok cleans and great distortion channels. I have no need to get a distortion pedal with this amp as it goes so far. They just need tlc here and there.

And they're cheap for what they are! Apparently Marshall JCM 800's are their rivals! And for a few hundred pounds less, you can't go wrong man.

haha, anyway good luck with it all