hello all. okay so ive been looking into the dark fire by gibson and been looking at some videos and stuff and I was wondering if any1 knew about the tone of it like if its any good?

In the other videos I saw it sounded HORRIBLE except in maybe one video but i didnt see the amp they people were using on the videos. I have a pod x3 live and I was wondering if i could just plug my guitar into that and have a good sound compared to my Epiphone SG custom prophecy with 81/85 EMG humbuckers.

anyone know the answer to that? lol and you know how the dark fires pickups comare to the EMG's?

well it SHOULD be better, i just think its a bit too much and all your paying for is a self tuning piece of wood that probably loses tone and sustain due to extra electronics (probably not much) idk i think its a cool guitar, but emgs IMO sound compressed and sterile, gibsons usuallly have a more raw ballsy tone that is great for classic and modern rock, and blues, but theyre such versatile instruments you could play anything on them.

also if your looking at videos from gibson or different companies promoting it, they do a load of eqing and have a plethera of great equipment.

i say try it out yourself if possible, but try to use your amp or an amp similar to it, dont plug into a 3k marshall(unless you have one....) but good luck
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yea the only thing is that the only store that carries it closest to me is a few hours down south and we never go there so I was seeing what you guys thought of it lol .

id be playing like alternative rock and metal and stuff like that :P

( and when I say a few hours I mean like 12)
Get a regular Les Paul for about half the price, then put the pickups you want in it and learn how to tune without a robot. IMO.
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Get a regular Les Paul for about half the price, then put the pickups you want in it and learn how to tune without a robot. IMO.


the robot is coolbut its more of a wow cool
imo youd look a bit sad if you say to osmeone...'no my guitar can tune itself'
makes your guitar look cool but not you
+1 to strat0blaster.

The DarkFire is basically a self tuning Les Paul BFG, but the DarkFire's P90 has a humbucker mode.