play some random thing... and if it sounds good make sure its in key and such
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Easiest way is to learn theory, and then just apply it randomly. Like, learn a couple of chords, how they fit into a progression, then play around with them in dif orders etc etc
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Well first you grab a pen or pencil and a pice of paper.
Write the letters, g,u,i,t,a,r then leave a space and write, l,i,c,k,s.

Done :P

EDIT: Don't put the commars in

You could find a scale and mess around with that till you find something you like, then write it down
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I hear stuff in my head, then do it with my mouth and after that i try to translate it to a piece of paper or my guitar. ..or... If everything else fails I just start playing around doing weird things and usually try to stay in key. When i find something interesting i try to memorize/write it down. When i got something i build a progression and other stuff around it.
Stop playing randomly, try to understand what you're doing (i.e. by learning the theory behind it) and really listen to what you're playing and what you're playing over, then you can create a lick with a certain sound in mind.
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I hear stuff in my head, then do it with my mouth


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If everything else fails I just start playing around doing weird things


I must say that your post sounds terribly suggestive when taken out of context, dear fellow.

I usually just improvise randomly on my guitar - and possibly subconsciously use my knowledge of chords sound alright together - to try to come up with something. You can also attempt to use scales to decide what notes are advisable to use, but there's also the option of thinking of a kind of "style" you'd like the lick to represent. For example, if you're seeking to create a riff that makes good use of open strings, you could try improvising randomly on double stops involving the open D string. Or, if you're trying to produce a quick guitar solo or something, you could focus on tapping or playing rapid triplet pull-offs and decide on the exact notes later. Pitch doesn't always have to be the first thing you consider, either; producing the rhythm first is just as valid a method of composition as any.
Usually, I make licks by accident. I'll make a stupid mistake on an exercise and I'll play around with the mistake until I find something I like.
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