ive tried a 112 valveking and i love the way it sounds, really clear and generally good but it seems to lack something that pushes it over the edge for me. I was wandering if a distortion pedal or better speaker would give it a heavier sound. I like songs by asian kung fu generation and it seems to lack a little crunch to my ears, im using a gibson bfg with a burstbucker3 in the bridge. Could it be the pickup???? I tried a cheapo guitar with a SD invader in the bridge and it sounded like total junk (even my mom said so xD, and she normally says "sounds the same to me") p.s. I know that the tone this band uses aint that heavy but id prefer somthin a little touch heavier than them
I think the speaker is by far the weakest point on the VK. It's built to a price point, so the transformers, caps etc aren't top notch, but a speaker+tube change can turn it into a decent amp.
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Also there are some simpler things like the dummy jack mod and using an EQ to open that amp up.
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You need to visit the VK thread and the VK wiki.
IMO, an OD really helps to tighten it up and give you that crunchier and heavier sound. That'd be a good place to start. Replacing the muddy stock speaker will help too.