Hello everyone. If anyone remembers, 3 months ago, I decided to finally quit my life of using drugs and go to a rehab.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and suggestions on how to not go insane whilst in rehab.

It was tough, having to do dishes for 16 hours a day because of passing a cig between another member(stupid I know), from only getting 5 hours of sleep due to therapy techniques, but it paid out in the end.
I didn't stay the whole 2 years, mainly because I had to scrub the floor with a toothbrush for 16 hours, which is utterly retarded.
I got to play a lot of music while I wasn't doing dishes, and I wrote some also.
I finally got my parents trust back, and am currently living at home with them, instead of in an apartment like before. I don't want to contact any old friends, mainly due to the risk of using around them, but I really need to stay clean.

I'm in college now, and I'm majoring in Music Theory and classical guitar.
Just got a 4900 dollar grant. Yeah man, things are good.

How is everyone?
o rly?!

i love you fuhevuhs Aero
I haven't had a wank in 4 hours.
This cold turkey thing is tough.

On a serious note, good for you TS.
Glad things are working out for you
That's really cool, well done man. But i'm confused about this bit "I didn't stay the whole 2 years", do you really need to spend 2 years there for a full treatment?

Oh, and i'm good thanks.
Wow, great job. It takes a lot to quit something like that. Also about your friends just tell them you've been to rehab, and you wanna stay clean so ask em if they won't use around you. If they're real friend they'll understand. Way to man up TS, and welcome back
2 year rehab! dont balme you for not staying lol

but seriously great news dude, wish i could be arsed to stop smoking, coupled with asthama it makes breathing rather tricky
Condratulation TS

I'm fighting an alcool addiction right now. It's easyer since I'm not 18 and can't buy alcool by myself, and my parent don't drink.

Again, I'm glad for you.
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Nicely put good sir

I witnessed Night Of The Pear 2
You should be very proud of yourself, that's one hell of an accomplishment
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Yeah dude, it really was an obstacle. It's actually pretty crazy to wake up in the morning, and not be all, "Hm, how am I going to get my fix today?" But really the only things keeping me clean is remembering just how utterly shitty things are at your rock bottom.

Plus, lots of kick ass music came out while I was in rehab, and I get to see AC/DC with my Dad, who I hadn't talked to in months.

o rly?!

i love you fuhevuhs Aero
just curious wht drugs were you addicted to and for how long? And what finally made you want to get treatment?
trying to piece his 2 and 2 together
Good job dude.
Where ya going to college?
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I did not know of your enrollment in rehab but great job man!

Stay safe and clean.
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awesome man
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good job dude.
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Good to have you back, man!
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good on you.

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I find it more inappropriate that everyone is using cheers when he just overcame an addiction.
Wow, this is ridiculous. I keep trying to post, but my college is freezing the page, maybe this'll be different.

About alcohol addiction, look into AA meetings. They're really helpful and the 12 steps saved my life man. They're everywhere in the world.
I can get you a site if you want.

About the 2 years. Cenikor is a 2 year treatment center, TC for short, where you go if you've been using for a long ass time and can't quit. www.cenikor.org
I didn't stay for the 2 years cuz I thought the treatment methods were a little harh, like dishes for 16 hours for 2 weeks because of passing a stoge, or scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush for 16 hours straight because I didn't report a situation I wasn't aware of.
The benefits of it are as follows; a job paying 24-30 dollars an hour, a paid education for a year after you leave, a 10k loan no matter what your credit, an apartment, and a nifty plaque saying you completed the program.

About my story.

I've been doing drugs for 6 and a half years, starting with being prescribed Adderall and taking more than recomended. I then went to coke and ecstasy, and have been doing those for about 2 years. I lost my job, a car, my apartment, and I lost the love of my life. It sucks being homeless and jobless, because the catch with addict friends is they'll throw you out on your ass when you don't have money anymore.

So I finally decided to get help after I got caught stealing around 70 dollars worth of Nyquil from Krogers. I almost od'd on the yeyo and had to spend the night in the hospital.

It sucked.

So I went to my parents and said, "Hey I'm ready to get clean." They let me in on a leap of faith that I would actually do it, and I tried Cenikor.

It worked in a way, but I get the most benefits from going to NA meetings every single day.

I'm a perfect case of how it can work if you wanna get help.

I'm going to San Jac. It's a community college in Texas, and I'm transfering over to the Moore's School of Music at U of H.

It's awesome how things can work out for anyone. I had lost it all, I was alone and wanted to kill myself because I could not stop using. I was destroying my life and the lives of those around me, but I finally turned it around.
o rly?!

i love you fuhevuhs Aero
Well Done Mate!
Keep it up!
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That's great!

Thank you sir. I love how everyone's giving me the cheers emoticon even though it has beer.

The only thing that sucks, is that I can't go out and get wasted for my 21st birthday.

I've had that planned for years.

But I don't care, I'd rather have to be sober for my 21st than end up where I was.
o rly?!

i love you fuhevuhs Aero
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Thank you sir. I love how everyone's giving me the cheers emoticon even though it has beer.

I didn't even notice that.