I have two mics. I need a way to mic my drumset to get good, clean sound. Any suggestions?
have you tried musicians friend? cheap mics. i would definately mic the bass and then the toms, afterwards, mic the snare and crash (if multiple, mic them seperately), then just put them over eachother

you might just need to do the snare and toms first, then listen to the track and play (while listening) along with while micing the crash(es) and bass
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I'd just put them out in front of the kit a few feet away, at about 3 feet high. Roughly halfway in height between the snare drum and cymbals. I'd place them right outside the cymbals, kinda like this:

Mic1 Mic2

Ride Hat Snare Tom1 Tom2 Crash

That's just me, though. Try google and maybe TapeOp magazine.
ok i just need more mics then... when i mic them where do i put the mics on the toms? the rims or under?
Search on youtube for a two mic drum recording technique. There's a really good way to do it but it's hard for me to explain it without pictures. It's completely possible, though.
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I got one. Get more mics. two ain't enough. One to bass drum and other to snare xD?
You need loads of them.
get more mics
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Aw crap. They screwed up my formatting. Try youtube also. "stereo drum mic technique." This is a really popular technique (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Fjuz7jXzs) but I prefer just two mics out front. The room will determine which technique sounds best, though.

thanks that really helps.
Also, more mics isn't necessarily better. In many instances it sounds worse due to leakage and phase cancellations.
Just stick an X-Y pair over the top.

If you have another CRAP mic just stick it on the kick/snare and use it as a trigger for sample replacement.
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Whatever floats your boat, but I've found that if you've only got two mics, it's better to put them in front of the kit. I like to hear the kick clearly and I find that after adding guitar, bass, vocals, etc. it's hard to hear the kick if you mic from above.
I second sample replacing the kick and snare if possible, then you don't have to worry AS MUCH about trying to balancing the kit in the O/H's. I think one of the more popular techniques for recording drums with just two overheads is the recorderman technique or something like that. I can't recall off the top of my head what it is, but give it a search
You can just get cheap mics and then get Drumagog. That program will replace your mic'd tracks with professionally recorded samples. I use it all the time and it rocks!