i recently found a synyster gates custom with the white finish with gold pimp stripes, floyd rose, and the whole deal. of what i've heard they only made 100 of these. its at a small little place near my house for $1049, now the only other guitar i have is an epiphone les paul standard, money is a little tight right now but should i splurge and go for it?

now this small piece of epicness wont last long so fast opinions are MUCH appreciated
I wouldn't. I played one and it played and sounded terrible.
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Your choice, you can never have enough guitars, but if your money is tight think twice before buying it.
I wouldn't. That's a lot for a Schecter. You can get Japanese Ibanezes and ESPs, and American Gibsons and Fenders at around that price. Plus, it has Syn's name on it.
You can get a way better guitar for that. You're paying for the SYN inlays and other gay stuff.