Hello everyone, I just recorded a song this evening.

I wrote the lyrics a couple of days ago, and the chord progression was rattling around in my brain for some time, then I just added the other guitar parts as I was recording.

Crashing Into a Wall of Colour

There she is, tell me what you think and thank you for any comments.
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So, how did you record this? The quality of the recording is really good.

Hey there, and thank you I recorded it with my Shure SM58, just plugged straight into my soundcard on my PC.

Used Reaper to record and layer everything, and I mic'd up my amp cab for the electric bits, for the acoustic I just pointed the mic in the area of the sound hole.

Did the vocals with the same mic, 2 seperate takes layered over each other.
Yeah, I noticed some nice vocal harmonies in there.
I liked the song overall, it was well put together and mellow, although I didn't follow too much what you actually were singing about, I listened to it a couple times.

So how much did the SM58 cost, I haven't looked much at mics, but I'm definitely thinking about getting one for recording?
I got it 2nd hand for 550 rand. I live in South Africa, so divide the rands by 7 to get dollars (I'm not actually sure where you're from, haha)

They are very much worth it, very reliable and they sound great, you can use them to mic up almost anything, and do vocals, and they are pretty cheap.
Pleasure to help

I was messing around this evening and I added an epic outro of sorts, just for fun, to the song and uploaded an alternate version, tell me if I did an ass job of it, haha!