What can people show or tell me about jeff becks techniques and licks?
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Interactive has released Jeff Beck Style (retail $10.95, sale $9.95), a guitar lesson CD-ROM where you'll learn how to play like the guitar legend, Jeff Beck.

Jeff has a very unique technique and sound that is instantly recognizable. Jeff Beck came to the attention of the guitar world after replacing Eric Clapton in the "Yardbirds". After this period he went on to form the "Jeff Beck Group" with Rod Stewart, and then the next incarnation of the band featuring an all instrumental line-up. This era produced some significant milestone fusion records like "Blow by Blow", "Wired" and "Beck-ola". This lesson series covers many of Jeff's techniques and signature licks.

The lessons are taught by Storm Stenvold, a teacher and musician. He has studied music since age 8, playing guitar and bass guitar for the past 17 years. Storm attended the University of California - Berkeley and graduated with honors from Musicians Institute - Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT). His instructors included Scott Henderson, Paul Gilbert, Steve Trovato, Ron Eschete and Keith Wyatt. He has recorded guitar for Warner Brothers production team, Mephisto Odyssey, and for his own original bands. Storm won radio station KSJO's "Best Guitarist" competition in 1997.
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I think VH1 has been showing a show of his he did a a little club in england.See if you can catch it should be able to pick up a couple of things.He uses the tremolo alot to accent his notes.
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