So i walk into my local Musicans Friend Clearance center dead set on buying me a brand new Mexi Strat. I sit down with a classic vibe to start out with, plug her up, and start playing away. I hear a click and suddenly the sound stops! The salesman walked over and turned off the whole electrical outlet area for amps and gave me a you better leave look. Baffled, i realized i had shown up 20 min before they closed. But still, they didnt have to be dicks!

So i drive down to guitar center, play some strats, but this caught my eye. I picked her up and fell in love. I knew i had to have her!! I give you my new guitar, Sara!

And Epiphone Les Paul Standard!! She is amazing. It plays way better than my Special II!!!



And finally i took off the guard.


I apologize for the Camera phone pics, they do her no justice!! And i also apologize for my shaky hands. Ive never been able to hold them steady, and i was just so excited on the pic of the neck, it looks kinda crazy!!!


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Next time, go to Wal*Mart on Black Friday and be Dead-Set on a Digital Camera

HNGD, looks great!
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I've never played a Les Paul yet. Only copys or models.

Nice guitar.
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Happy New Tripod Day

Just kidding, thats one awesome looking guitar there, definatly one of my favourite colours. HNGD
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Thanks Guys!

@angus, I will do that! Black friday wal mart trips are the best anyway!! Besides Guitar center trips!
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Ohh pretty. HNGD, but looks tons better with the pickguard.

so wrong
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i would have one of these but i much prefer gibson headstocks

I would kill for a Gibson Paul in Honeyburst. Sadly, i dont have the 2200 to buy it. So i decided that this will do.
Sweet, HNGD!
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The build quality way surpassed my expectations. I opened her up and everything was neatly done, not like in my other epi. No scratchy pots, she feels great and the set up is perfect. No dead frets or fret buzz. Plus the two volume knobs are great for a make shift kill switch when im not playing clean stuff.
Oh the beauty of a Les Paul. If only I could have one.

Happy new guitar day.
HNGD A much better choice than any Strat. Love the color. I am sure you will be very pleased with it. I was out this afternoon trying out used guitars but I tried some new guitars as well I picked up and played the exact same one here. I was really impressed with the Pick ups if it wasn't brand new I would have suspected someone swapped them out with Gibson pups.

IMO Epis are getting better and better every year. I have played so many that I love in the last two years it's amazing. I think they are more consistent than Gibson it seems like it's getting harder to find a Gibson I can honestly say I want. It funny several years ago I wouldn't have even considered Epiphone now I love them.

Thats actually really funny you mentioned the mistaking them for Gibson pups! I thought to myself today,"Wow these sound better than my friends Burst Buckers! I wonder if i got one of the limited editions on accident" But the serial proved otherwise. Oh well. She sounds damn good
Very nice, love the color. HNGD!

I just wish they would do something about that awful looking headstock.....

I mean, they HAVE to know it doesn't look good, right?
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