So I have been playing about 8 years, and for the past year have delved into improving my technique more. (I recently added sweep picking and legato exercises).

So I practice technique about every other day for about 2.5 hours, focusing on alternate picking, legato, and sweep picking techniques.

I notice that the more I work on this technique improvement, the more my legato and sweep picking techniques feel more "Awkward".. and and thus more messy than if I just didnt practice them at all (Serious). And yes, I use a metronome and make sure I play it cleanly and slowly increase the speed.

It is kind of difficult to explain but I will try...

Since starting this practice regimen, I have found a tremendous increase in my left hand and right hand endurance and speed for alternate picking. however, now I feel like movements that require very fine and perfected movements are "off" and feel too "rushed" (like sweeping and legato).

Here is an example:

Practice alternate picking/sweeping/legato Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Lets say I can do 3 string sweeps comfortably at 130 BPM on Friday.

I take a break, work on songwriting etc, come back on Monday, sit down, and now three string sweeping all of a sudden feels very, very "rushed" and awkward. I now can only do it cleanly when I slow it all the way down to 100 BPM.

this "awkward feeling" in my playing seems to happen after I start playing after completing a long technique building session (3 + hours). I am starting to feel like it is hurting my technique more than improving it.

Its almost like increasing my finger endurance for alternate picking and rhythm somehow has messed up my finger muscles for fine tune movements like sweeping and legato.
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Over 3 hours of technique practice is damaging, keep it at 2.5 or so.

Same thing with exercising any other muscle, if you want to train them, you don't mercilessly pump irons for 3 hours straight.
I find this is because you are trying too hard to play good. It's a weird thing, but it's human nature. If are playing something at a new speed you think more and you tend to mess up more. I'd advise taking 5 minute breaks every once in a while, it will really help you out by clearing your head.

About not being able to play at the speed you left off at. Think about this, on friday you were playing for 3 full hours and got to 130. You maxed out at 130, after 3 hours of practice. After 3 hours, your fingers are so far into 'guitar mode', you're playing loose, accurately and clean. You're going to be playing your best at this point.

So when you come and start on monday and just pick up your guitar, don't expect to play at that leve (your best) right away. The more you make the climb up to 130 the more you take out of it. Maybe the next day you'd be able to start that exercise at 105 rather than 100.
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