I need an amp with good cleans that takes pedals well. Don't need anything distortion wise, I'm going to be using a Big Muff. Needs to be loud enough to be heard over drums, but not necessarily to gig with. Being able to go a little louder would be nice though. No real budget, but I'd like to spend as little as possible.
You could try and find a Crate V series. You will have to do a little modding but a V18 or a V50 would do more than what you need. It is a great baseline amp to mold into what you need to do with it. There are threads around here somewhere with a list of the 2 or 3 very easy mods you should use to make it sing. You might want to replace the speakers, but I found the mods did the trick quite well.
I don't want to spend very much. Highest I'm willing to go is around $600.
EDIT: Indie/alternative/garage.
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I don't want to spend very much. Highest I'm willing to go is around 600.
EDIT: Indie/alternative/garage.

600 what? $,€ or £
fender hot rod deluxxxxXXXe, you pretty much described a fender and the blues junior may be a little too small for you
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - This is probably your best amp to look into. It reacts to pedals really well and has a glorious clean tone that can be pushed hard without breakup, akin to other high-spec Fenders.

Laney LC30 - you'll have to look on the used market for this as they are quite highly priced in the States. A very nice, dry sounding amp, though.

Peavey Classic 30 - This has a really crunch tone, as well as a very workable clean tone. They're on ebay and craigslist all the time. I've seen them go for $300.

Peavey Valveking - The distortion is very lacklustre and processed, but the cleans are surprisingly good. This will give you the most amount of clean headroom besides the Fender (and possibly the Kustom)

Egnator Rebel 20 - I haven't played this but I hear it's very good. More raunchy and bluesy maybe? Not a huge amount of clean headroom I imagine.

Vox Night Train - similarly, this isn't very perfectly clean, it has a rasp and bite to it. I personally love that about it.

Vox AC15 - Pretty awesome clean and dirty tones. It won't give you a huge amount of clean potential, though.

Kustom Defender - I haven't played this. It's got quite a few solid reviews, so it's worth looking into yourself.

Hughes&Kettner 25th Anniversary Tube - I'm not a huge fan of H&K gear, tbh, but you may really like them. It's entirely up to yours ears.

Epiphone Blues Custom - Another amp I haven't tried. I'll still mention, though.

Traynor YCV20 - You'll have to look on the used market for this. It's a lovely amp that is well worth the extra $$$ (note: I've only played the 40 watt version)

Ampeg J-22 - Brilliant amp but I don't know how much they go for in America.