Ill Keep this simple

needs to be
-gig worthy
-Alternative, grunge, punk, rock
-$600 or less
-good cleans
-I use a Russian Big muff, dont know how that may affect it.
-needs to cut through only bass and drums
-im the only guitar
-combo or 1/2stack.... doesnt matter.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Is the amp going to be mic'd? Or are you simply purchasing the amp in anticipation of playing in front of a crowd?
Traynor Custom Valve 40 (YCV40)

I have the 80, and chose it over many amps including Marshall, Mesa and Bogner (I wanted the Mesa, but the price and lack of downward flexibility turned me away).

It is a combo, but I find the Traynor has the ability to soften down to a smooth overdrive, and crank out a satisfactory modern rock boost. It should be somewhere around 6-700 (not sure about pricing in the US), but as always, try every amp out first.