I haven't played my guitar for a while do to getting ready for college and I wanted to star playing again. My only problem is that i don't remember much of what I learned in the past

I know about the lessons on this site, but there's so many that it's overwhelming and i don't know where to start reading and learning.

So if anyone knows any tips or advice on navigating through the lessons PLEASE help. ( it would be greatly appreciated )

Sorry for being a retarded nooob lol
Start with Major scales and intervals as far as theory goes.

As far as actual playing, stick with Major scales, open chords and basic phrasing for now.

As far as technique goes, spider exercises, finger independence exercises and alternate picking should set you on your way.
My mistake when I picked up my guitar again, was that I just learned by myself without asking anyone.

Here are some of the mistakes I made, that you could learn off of.

1. Learn Chords [Important]
2. Practice scales, and get the hang of it, pentatonic scales too
3. Picking technique: Up down [I didn't know that you had to do up down up down, so now I'm cursed with picking down only for slower paced songs
4. Get some songs that have long stretches between frets, such as on the high E string... E---1----6----2----7----3-----8 [It'll help for later on]
5. Hammer ons and pull offs [Proper way]
6. And just pick up on easy songs, like simple melodies, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, etc.

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