I have the options of either getting a Peavey 5150 or a Peavey Ultra 120 plus. I play mainly deathmetal and deathcore, with some tech death. The ultra is about 400 and 5150 525. Suggestions?

Peavey 5150
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5150 if you dont want cleans
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PM IbanezPsycho, he's had both amps and can give you the low down on both of them.
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Ive owned the Ultra plus, it just ROARS for metal.

5150 sounds like a 5150. And has bad cleans.

Get the ultra, i say. Its lead channel is just full of balls, i find it has more bottom end than the 5150, a generally rounder frequency range is covered to my ears. Also has a good clean channel, and the crunch channel is good for hard rock/classic rock.
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I don't personally own the Ultra but my buddy has one and it tears shit up.

The distortion is really fat, thick, and awesome. The cleans aren't the best but they certainly aren't terrible.

My buddy doesn't really play anything like death or tech death (he plays more Opeth / Intronaut style metal) so I don't know how it would do but I bet itd be good.

Try 'em both and see what you like.
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