..Can you only get them in America?
Mark Tremonti: I have my own mixer on stage so I can alter my volmes while on stage

Myles Kennedy: And why's that Mark?

Mark Tremonti:....I have trust issues with the sound guy

Selling a Marshall DSL401!
Pretty much, but it cost alot to ship out of country. And if the guitar gets messed up during shipping you can't return it.
Kurt will ship it internationally, but I believe there are no returns on international orders.

Edit: from http://www.rondomusic.com/returns.html

"We ship anywhere in 50 United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. We do on occasion ship to Western Europe: Customers ordering outside the US & Canada are also responsible for paying their own customs duty / VAT, which will be added to your bill on all export sales and is due upon receipt of order. Customs duty and brokerage charges (for orders outside the US) are not refundable for any reason. Orders shipped outside of the US and Canada are not refundable. "

"Items held for more than 30 days may be returned for repair or replacement AFTER receiving email approval. Return shipping charges are not covered under the warranty. Modifying item voids warranty. Items shipped outside the US and Canada are sold as is - no warranty."
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