I didnt see this in the searchbar, but I saw this on guitarcenter and I was thinking this might be one of the best things Gibson has produced recently. I think this will get a lot of attention.
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yea they got the idea from mat heafy of trivium that got one before everyone
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Matt Heafy got one or two made for him...I'm surprised that Gibson made it a production model.
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Why 24.75" Scale?!

Cus they're retarded.

Seriously, it's awesome and all but $2k is a bit overkill for a basic model. Might as well go custom!
It will just not intonate right with that scale
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i would never buy a 24.75 scale 7 string, let alone for 2000 bones

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yeah, they kinda screwed the whole neck scale thing up. It would be a great idea, but I wouldn't buy another Gibson. Let alone a 7 string for that much. Im happy with my Schecter C-7 Hellraiser =)
great idea
horribley executed
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At least Gibson is almost in the 21st Century.
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great idea
horribley executed
Yeah, that's a shame.
It looks really nice aswell.
I'd get it if it had a 25.5" scale length or so (26.5 pref.) - if it doesn't the B string is muddy as all hell.
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At least Gibson is almost in the 21st Century.

I'm pretty sure they reached that point before the release of this guitar.
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It will just not intonate right with that scale
What? Yes it will. It will just sound very muddy on the seventh string, but that's a tone problem that isn't that hard to fix.
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Why 24.75" Scale?!

my thoughts too! i swear gibson would make a short scale baritone if they could... dumb. this should be at least 25.5", but the 24.75" is a stubborn gibson thing i guess.

cool guitar anyway!
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With its angular, asymmetrical body and pointed headstock, the legendary Gibson Explorer was light years ahead of its time when it was first introduced in 1958. The 7-String Explorer electric guitar continues that radical heritage in every way.

Anyone else think this sounds stupid? Like they're trying to make it sound as though this is the first 7 string ever?
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I'm pretty sure they reached that point before the release of this guitar.

They are still running DOS though.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I thought it was a pretty good idea, don't know shit of the 24,75'' etc. stuff.

Originally Posted by Junnage
At least Gibson is almost in the 21st Century.

i just wished they were still around 1958-59...
Yeah wasn't it made in conjunction with Matt Heafy? I'm surprised that he woulda let them use such a small scale. And whats with all the EMG bashing? the 707s on my C-7 Hellraiser are mindblowingly good. I think this is a rip off, considering that my Hellraiser cost US$800, rather use the left over towards a decent amp, or something ellse more useful
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i just wished they were still around 1958-59...

same here.
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