i know i post a lot of treads, but i wanna post this anyways. ok so as some of you know i want to re-build a guitar, and i was wondering what you thought of my design. the finish will have more coloured rings.

EDIT: ok nevermind the link doesnt work and i dont know how to import the picture from the website, but ill describe it to you guys. the guitar will either be a Rondo Halo left handed, or a Rondo SX sst floyd rose left handed.
Pickups: GFS Power Rails (bridge), GFS FAT PAT Black, GFS Rails Single, GFS Strat Single Coil Black
Pickguard: White Pearl Strat
Neck: stock, but the headstock will be cut parker fly style
Body: stock, but beveled
Tuners: Grover Rotomatics
Bridge: Floyd Rose Left handed, or a Wilkinson Roller with a Stop tail piece
Finish: irregular rings, all different neon colours
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Link doesnt work, if your trying to use kisekae to show us you need to design the guitar, press print screen on your keyboard, copy it into paint and save it, then upload it to imageshack or photobucket and post it

And your thread title should describe what the thread is about, not that you post a lot
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