Well, I've recently started taking Hapkido classes at a school not too far from where I live, and that garnered my interested in checking out some martial arts films. The most recent I watched was Once Upon A Time In China, which was absolutely phenomenal. I was hoping some of us here could recommend martial arts movies to other people, or just discuss them.

I've only seen a few so far:

Bloodsport, Enter the Dragon, Fists of Fury, Once upon a time in China. I'm about to watch Legend of Drunken master when I finish my homework.

Karate Kid. there is nothing more to say
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Ip Man rocks your socks.
Seriously, it's a fun movie. It has Wing Tsun
Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Hustle
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I've heard good things about Ong Bak, but I'm not very interested in Muay Thai. But I shouldn't let my lack of interest in the art keep me from seeing it.

Also heard good things about Ip Man. That's the one about Bruce Lee's master, right?
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Karate Kid. there is nothing more to say

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Contour. Little known movie filmed in San Francisco with excellent fight choreography and it's pretty funny too.


Hope that helps.

EDIT: Also: Kung Fu Hustle and Big Trouble in Little China.
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I watched Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story last night actually
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Watch Iron Monkey. Its not really supposed to be funny, but it is if you watch it with English voiceovers. And its just really badass.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has not yet been suggested. That's a great movie.

I also like Bulletproof Monk a lot, but a lot of people would probably say its very mediocre.

Whatever you do, don't watch White Dragon. Worst movie ever.
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Karate Kid. there is nothing more to say

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