I am looking for recommendations on EQ settings to have the best bass sound for death metal drumming, and recommendations for snare settings as well thanks
For the bass drum just scoop the living crap out of the mids whilst boosting the treble and bass. For the snare use a low pass filter and boost the upper mids.
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i tired that on the bass drum it didnt mix well with the guitar tracks and bass tracks
any other suggestions
it depends on your drum, you mic and preamp, how you play, your taste... it's really something you gotta figure out how you like it.
The easy way is just to use Drumagog to sample a kick .wav. It comes with a tone of different ones and you can use the kick that sounds best in the mix! I love that plug in!
My preference for bass drum EQ would be lowered bass, and have from left to right bass/mid going in a stair like order, then raise the highs so its clicky but not to clicky that it sounds like your tapping paper with a pencil. As for snare, never need to do anything only add a tiny bit of reverb. Hope I helped!
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