i have an ESP/LTD Ex-50 that i want to trade or sell.

The guitar is in great condition with only a little wear. the tuners are worn and a little bit of the bridge is worn. other than that its perfect. it was just recently set up and the fretboard was cleaned. It also comes with a Hardshell case that i bought for 150 bucks.
The guitar plays awesome and the neck feels nice and smooth. its a nice guitar for anybody. Im looking to sell it for 250 OR trade it for one of the following:

A Dimarzio Tone Zone/Humbucker From Hell/PAF Pro and 200 bucks.(ill knock off more if you include more than one of those pickups.) im hoping they could be colored. Red,green,blue,pink, i dont really care.

Another guitar that is hard-tail. im mostly looking for a thin necked guitar.

Or a High Gain Amp Head. I play metal so i need a nice distortion.

im just posting this here for kicks. if nobody wants it ill just let this thread die. im in no hurry.

You pay for shipping.

Some PICS:

the guitar looks dirty in the picture for some reason, but its actually very shiny. the finish is really nice.
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What about for the case by itself?
Bari Build

__\ _ /__
___ \/ ___

srry. im selling both at once. that way when i mail it, it ll be nicely protected.
and because im lazy lol.
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i'd like to get this guitar for a project but alas i am broke for the next few weeks..if you have it in about 3 weeks hit me up! free bumb sir
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im now looking for a guitar with a floyd. licensed or original it doesnt matter.
send them offers
(yay i found my thread, i was just gunna make a new one
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Bump. Right now im willing to sell for $200 and you pay shipping.
or trade it for a guitar with a floyd. PM me if interested.
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Bump.........Im moving and need this gone. $200+Shipping takes it.
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