So I was at the music store not long ago and I found this really cool and fun travel bass guitar. It basically had no body. Kind of reminded me of a Steinberger. It had one pickup. Came with a gig bag. Sorry I dont have many other details. The body was pretty much just a little piece of wood. Wasnt much. Surprisingly it was really easy to play. And the strap button's were not your ordinary strap buttons. It was kind of like a long piece of metal that came up, it was curvy. Sorry for the non descriptiveness. Thanks for any help.
yeah i was gonna say Traveler guitars. i had a traveler speedster and it was a lotta fun and did the job, before it got ruined

the detatchable peice that i think all of them come with doesn't always stay tight so you gotta keep checking it, but you get used to it. hell, i thought putting the piece on my speedster backwards was more comfortable than the way it was suppost to go.

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