ok by now i am completely frusterated, i HATE this guitar. its a squire stratocaster with a sd invader in the bridge i love it when it plays because its exactly what i want, however this ****ing guitar has problem after problem after PROBLEM. first the truss rod, then the action, then the output jack, then the action, and now the output jack again!!! when i plug my chord into my guitar and turn the amp on all i hear is this annoying buzzing sound, i tried the other amp same sound. i tried a different guitar with the same chord and no problem. its the output jack so i take off the plate and look in it after the last problem i was pointed to the q&a thread which is awesome for all my other problems but the picture for the output jack problem is totally different from mine. its a lp and mines a strat, and there are two little wires going to each connectors or whatever of the jack and in mine theres only one white wire while the other ones isnt attatched to anything, why is that? i tried hooking the free one on the white wire because it looks like that might be the problem, it didnt stay and after i did get it to stay nothing changed. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO TO FIX THIS??

please any help is welcome
From your description it sounds like you have broken the ground wire off.

A strat output Jack looks like this

(Invalid img)

There are too lugs (metal tags) one has the white wire soldered too it, the other should have the other wire soldered too it - you need to get it resoldered. Either do it yourself or take it to a tech.