Hi everyone,

I'm still quite new to guitar and have recently been practicing sliding. I don't seem to have any issues with sliding up the neck (ie: fret 2-5) and generating an audible sound but I can hardly get any sound sliding down. The problem is more apparent on the thinner strings.

Can someone giving me some pointers with technique? I tried looking for slide techniques but when searching all I get are "slide guitar" (glass or plastic slide) videos.
As your callouses get harder, they'll absorb less of the energy from the strings. Other than that, it's all a matter of getting your finger at the right angle and sliding fast enough. Notice every time you hit a fret during the slide, the string gets a little "bump" in volume. Passing over the frets faster means hitting them harder, which will keep the string vibrating longer.
Like he said, your calluses will help as they develope and get harder, but i would say make sure you have a nice solid note to begin with, and make sure to keep the fretting finger firm on the string and slide it smoothly. soon enough with enough practice you will be able to do hammer ons > then slides and still be able to hear the note ringing thru =D no worries just keep practicing
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Thanks for your responses. I'm currently trying to learn the intro to "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica and there are quite a few hammer ons followed by a slide. What exactly is proper technique in getting the notes to ring clearly in the scenario? I should pluck the note and then slide, right? I find it quite hard to do on acoustic. Thanks again.
Downwards slides will always be quieter than upwards slides simply due to the physics involved. Nonetheless if you not even getting an audible note then you're probably not sliding with enough downward pressure on the fretboard. Doing it on acoustic makes it a lot harder. I know others have said basically this but I thought you should be aware that there are inherent difficulties with what you're trying to do.

Bottom line is practice. Good Luck!

Thanks for the insight. If I can't get it, I can always blame it on it being inherently harder =) The sliding is getting better ... Just can't get a nice, clean tone with a hammer on then slide.
I am wondering what gauge strings you use?Now i wonder how many hrs. you practice
Quote by zorbozate
I am wondering what gauge strings you use?Now i wonder how many hrs. you practice

I'm using light gauge strings and practice between 1-2hrs perhaps 3-4 times a week.