So for those who haven't seen my posts over the past few weeks, I am in the market for a new guitar as my Epiphone Les Paul isn't cutting it anymore. I've been eyeing a G&L Rampage, as Jerry Cantrell is my fave guitarist and I LOVE that guitar; however, I've also been thinking of buying a Fender HSS Strat and customizing it to my own (reason being: I don't wanna feel like I'm completely ripping off Jerry. He does use a white Fender in the Them Bones vid, and I've seen other photos that prove it is a Fender, but never live after '92. I'll prolly make my Strat all-black, with a maple fretboard. That looks badass ). Thus, I need help. What is the sound/tonal difference like between the two guitars? I want a brutal heavy metal tone, already helped on with my Mesa Rectoverb I play alot of Chevelle, Alice in Chains of course, Metallica, Soundgarden, Seether, Tool, Nirvana, PJ, 10 Years, Deftones....essentially all alt-metal/grunge/heavy metal. I want good palm mutes (odds are, I'll only use the humbucker on the Strat) and also a thick, heavy tone, yet with good treble. Oh I dunno....I may have been off in describing that last bit. I just need a comparison in sound/advice on which guitar to get and, if it's a Strat, what humbuckers do you recommend to help with tone?

Thanks all

a strat with a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge sounds pretty awesome, trust me
I have that setup and and I get a pretty well balanced tone, great for metal/hard rock
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^+1 or a dimarzio D activator (i think thats what its called) in the bridge would get you a heavier tone.
Check out the dimarzio site for sound samples.
Set up:-
Kustom Sound 40W Guitar Amp
Marshall MG15 CD
Zoom 707 II (surprisingly good..)
VOX Tonelab ST
Jackson DK2M (Seymour duncan TB4 and the SD jazz)
G&L just put out a Jerry Cantrel signiture model and it's not unreasonablely priced: 600 bucks on musiciansfriend.

If you decided on the modding the Fender route - Check out an SD Invader.