After playing your guitar so much, you start to get really attached to that beautiful piece of wood. So do you guys happen to name your axes? I've just named 1 out of my 3 guitars, my Schecter Damien. I named it Valpry, it is a very dark looking guitar. It has bats as fret markers, and a very nice black coat. I think it fits it perfectly. I am using my new RG120 a lot more now, so I am looking to name this one too. It takes time though...

Do you name your guitars? What are they called? Why? Do you name them after their looks or what?

Cant wait to hear back,


Check out my picture I made of Valpry:
yes, my basses are named Baby, POWERBEAST 3000, and Nessie, the gentle giant. I think it's just a natural thing that guitar/bass players do.
I swear there was a thread of this before. I never cared much to name one. I used to have a schecter damien. It was my first guitar. But seeing as I was a noob, the frets and floyd were a pain in the ass, so I sold it. Only got 200 something out of it. It was the start of a pattern of buying disappointing guitars and selling them sobbingly cheap. I wish I kept it
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Yeah I had that mistake too. It is not great for beginners, but nowadays I love it. It was nice to get used to the thicker neck and strings, then to change to a Ibanez RG. I felt so much more comfortable when I made that change. Its like how baseball players put weights on their practice bats to get used to a heavier swing, then take them off for a much faster hit. xD
I call my Jackson Superlight Soloist "Skinny". "Skinny the anorexic axe." or something along those lines, it only weighs a bit over 3lbs.
No, because only girls name things. My girlfriend names her cars and all sorts of stuff. It's a girl's pastime.
My tokai explorer is called susie, my roadstar is kirsty, my washburn is spalty, and my pro-line just get called ibby.....

But then again, I'm a girl, so I guess I'm allowed lol
I've only named three guitars.
My beginner bass is named "Toocan! The Costco Bass!"
The guitar my uncle gave me before he died is named after him, Tom
And my Rickenbacker is named "The Red Rickenbacker"
My other 4 are unnamed.
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Do you name your guitars?

No, i think it's pathetic. People who name their guitars should get a girlfriend desperately.
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No, i think it's pathetic. People who name their guitars should get a girlfriend desperately.

haha agreed

for some reason though i know their all female guitars
The above searchbar related statement is relevant.

However, My Fender acoustic (urrgghh, it was a gift and I had no Say in it, my parents are uninformed) Is named Elle, My ashton acoustic is quite simply called Ashley and My epi SG is somewhat unnamed
I call it a few names like The Beast and Lil baby Guitar. but no real name has been found.
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No, i think it's pathetic. People who name their guitars should get a girlfriend desperately.
I don't want a girlfriend! My hubby might want me to get one but I'll stick to naming my guitars thanks
Don't you know that naming a guitar reduces it's resale value?

Now if you ever want to sell it, you'll have to find someone who likes it's name.

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Me and my group of muso friends always name our guitars

My Cort Acoustic - Grace
Other acoustic - Betrice
a Couple of strats - Suzy, Stickerface, Elnore,
Gibson SG - Monty
and 3 bass's - Norma, Jean (take a guess at his favorite band) and Rosy (big, big red bass)
My cheap acoustic is named after jimi's mother, she died alone in a gutter, drunk