There are so many to choose from... planning on heading to guitar center to try a few out (and other brands) but could i at least get some guidance on what im looking for:

I like HSH but HH wouldnt be bad either
It should be versatile (pop-punk to metal)
comfortable and light-weight (that is more of my preference ill find out at gc)
budget: 300-600 (its my second guitar)
Tremelo would be nice but i see bad things about the Edge III

So I was thinking the RG series but i have no clue. Heck, Ibanez not even be right for me

I have a Roland Cube 30X (i think its a 30X.. its definitely a roland cube)
You can never go wrong with an RG if you're sticking within punk to metal.
RG definitely if you want HSH, and the Edge III isn't as bad as some people make it out to be as long as it is set up right
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For a few bucks more you can get an Ibanez Xiphos. Mahogany body, neck through, DiMarzio D-Activator pups.

Been doing daily whammy abuse on that Edge III for over a year and it was a popular floor model for 6 months +, but no problems with the Edge III. I only tune it when changing strings. First set was on at least 8 months.

If anything does ever go wrong with an Edge III on a Xiphos you can replace it with most LFRs and several other Ibanez trems with better reputations.
find youself a used S series. Their bridges are reliable as hell and they are HSH
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