Hey I posted this a while back, and it sort of died out. Anways, I'd like to know if anyone has more suggestions for songs to learn with 2 acoustic guitarists. It can be anything.

If it matters, I'm a little better than my friend, especially in soloing. Other than that, we should be able to pull off most songs. Thanks in advance!

Oh and by the way, Bands I've been interested in for music like this are In Flames, Metallica, Iron Maiden etc. Fingerpicking songs might also be interesting too.
mother superior by coheed and cambria
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Haha thanks guys. I forgot to mention we're already looking at Rodrigo y Gabriela. And I've taken a look at Mother Superior. I like it but I don't know if it'll work out. Thanks for the suggests though!! Keepm em coming
Falling Slowly - Glen Hasard and Margrete Irglova (Piano and Guitar with 2 vocals, quite vocally challenging and the piano is easily transcribed into tab)
Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows (Some guys i know (they're twins) did this and it sounded pretty good)
Misery Business - Paramore (This is normally done by josh and ____ when they play acoustic)
Superstition - Stevie wonder (I did this, I sang it and played the chords, Zack played the main riff and solo's)

And I'll put up some more as they come to me.
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Godsmack have some pretty cool acoustic stuff that use 2 guitars
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Alright thanks again for the suggests. I'll take a look at them ASAP!
I'm going to say Patience by Guns n' Roses. It has 3 guitars but still 2 is good enough because the 3rd guitar doesn't have much involvement.
Another suggestion is have a look at Otherside by RHCP. One guitar can play the bass melody while the other strums chords, maybe accompanied with singing. Take a look at Otherside Acoustic on this website.

Also Marky_Strummer, as much as I love Rodrigo y Gabriela, their techniques don't seem to be what nolifeXD is asking for.( I know you already mentioned you are looking at them) Gabriela does the rhythm by using a lot of rasgueado techniques, especially rumba flamenco style. And Rodrigo uses classical guitar style picking. Anyway, unless you guys both have nylon string guitars, I would suggest trying some simpler stuff.
Ok thanks a ton for that man. I appreciate the suggestions and I'll consider looking at something a little less Rodrigo y Gabriela 'y. Haha . Anyways, I'll take a look at Patience and Otherside. Thanks a ton!
Areal hit is PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON, another one is LEROY BROWN, if all fails HOTEL CALAFORNIA...if that fails youv,e bommed ...go for KING OF THE ROAD....... good luck!!
Im suprised no one has mentioned Flight of the Conchords or Tenacious D which are both great comedy bands i think you might enjoy!
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Misery Business - Paramore (This is normally done by josh and taylor when they play acoustic)

Misery Business acoustic

it's very clear audio so you'll be able to hear the guitars good and the video is alright better on mtv.com but ehhh whatever
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unwinding cable car - anberlin
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