Did you hear me when I told you?
Did you feel it come like I did?
Or were you just too far away?

Did you believe me when I told you?
Could you see it in my eyes?
Or did you think it couldn't be?

Did you feel me when I touched you?
Did you feel your heart beat with mine?
Or were you too numb from the pain?

Did your wounds heal when I hurt you?
Would you want to see me another day?
Or was the pain too much to bare?

I might only be a dreamer
But just take me for who I am
And if you promise you'll forgive me
I'll try to be the better man

Tears pour out your eyes
Tears that make me cry
Tears pour out your eyes
Can't be worse than mine
good stuff. i would change a few things personally:

1. the bridge needs a little bit of work methinks. something like --

"tears streaming down your face
tears that reflect my own
your tears drop at such a quick pace
but none quicker than my own"

something of that nature. right now it just seems like a throwaway part, no offense.

the only other thing i'd recommend is finding a better word for pain in the "or was the pain too much to bear" line. maybe it's just because reading through it at reading speed, it seemed really close to the "pain" in the verse before it. just vary that up a little bit.

other than that, i think it's excellent especially considering that it's one of your first endeavors in writing.