I've been wondering what this particular organ is called? Is it just a normal church organ with adjusted eq's for a fuller sound, etc?

give it a listen ; )

not my vid! you may wanna shield your eyes... jk XD


is that a particular organ? Like how the rhodes or hammond sound, I'm just not too informed on the particulars concerning different types of organs

Any suggested VSTs that can push out a similar sample? Gimme my profile (on UG) a look and you'll see why I want to get ahold of such a vst XD

I could rend the earth in half with such a tool at my disposal
sounds like a church organ to me. Not sure about the extra layer near the end though.

Can't help you with vst's cause I use workstations. Maybe Symponic Orchesta wuld have some organs but I'm not sure.
I'd have to agree with the church organ classification. I tend to go for soundfonts over VSTs, as they're easier to obtain and require less hassle and installation. Try looking into General MIDI soundfonts like Fluid that encompass all of the MIDI voices. You'll have a range of instruments to pick from, so it'll be easier to narrow down your desired organ sound from there.
Well, I know B4 is a great plug-in since I'm using it for my hammond needs, but maybe it won't cut it for you since you need a church organ. You can try with a cathedral type of reverb and see what happens though.
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i think sytrus has the best hammonds i have

truth is you can come a far end twisting all the buttons you can make any proper organ vsti sound like anything you want

have a look on http://www.kvraudio.com/
thx all , much appreciated - although I dont get the differences (as I either havent used them - or used them not realizing what they are) to these "soundfonts"

@pandora_grunt - I thought a workstation was just a generalization on your workspace? As I'm also using several libraries of samples - I just used VST as a general term because frankly, I'm not aware of any other kind. I just figured any plugin -whether it streams 2-3gig samples or not - was a vst in the end XD or better put - a plugin i spose