I was wondering how everyone would rate it on a scale of one to ten? I've been trying to learn it the last couple of days, and it doesn't seem to bad. It is just really long. I'm sure there are a lot more complicated solos out there, but I haven't solo'd enough to know. ha
I would rate it a 10.

It's a great solo, two guitars with different styles interplaying before joining together to harmonise appegios which follow the chords. It perfectly complements the song without detracting from it.

Everyone, including non-guitarists love that solo. Some may criticise it for being too easy, but they are missing the point of what makes a solo great. Hint: It's not how fast it is.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I would say an eight. Great harmonies and phrasing. There are better solos, though, IMO.
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Are you talking about quality or difficulty?

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