So I have an RG-Style body blank cut out of Northern New York Ash - and a spare Eden 24 fret neck laying around - however I do not currently have a router as mine blew up.

Out of curiosity, what would it cost to get the neck pocket, and cavities routed? I was thinking string-thru hardtail as I do not like tremolos very much, and a HSH, or Humbucker sized P90s and a Single-size rail in the center position.

Also, is there anyone here that would be able to do such a thing for me?

EDIT - Also, the neck I have has the shelf routed for a locking nut - this looks like it'll be a problem, because as far as I know, one cannot use a locking nut on a non-trem equipped guitar because it will throw the strings a bit sharp when locked down, right? Is there a way around this?
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Idea - check the local classifieds for handyman services - a decent woodworker can do it with a template and good measurements you give him, or you may even be able to be there in his garage when he does it so you can check fit. I'd think you could get away for under $40..

Or - go to Home Depot and rent a router