When you're writing lyrics, is it alright if you don't always rhyme? I'm not necessarily talking about in a single song, because obviously (In my opinion, anyway) you should follow a certain method and stick to it for a whole song. What I'm talking about is, would it be alright if I wrote one song that does have rhymes, but then write one that doesnt?

I know rhyming songs are generally more catchy, but it's hard to make every single song have (Good) Rhymes.

Also, forget that part I mentioned about not necessarily in one song. I'd like to know that, as well now that I think about it. So, basically, is it okay (For you) if you're listening to a song and there are some rhymes, but not to the point where every line has a rhyme?

Also, just to give you some idea of how I feel about it personally...

Some of the songs that dont rhyme at all, or just a few times are amazing to me. Lots of Tool songs either dont rhyme at all, or only have rhymes here and there.

The problem is...

A lot of people hate Tool.

Not that I'm trying to be like tool, I'm just saying..
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lots of times, i think i pay more attention to the flow of the words. rhyming is a part of that, but if the words come out unforced and the phrasing (with respect to time, not lyrical content) goes with the music, it's good enough.

but then again, i listen mostly to metal with harsh vocals.
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Write what you want to write. Whether it rhymes or doesn't, or whether it makes sense or is complete gibberish really doesn't matter.

Obviously if you're trying to write the next big hit, there are more 'rules' you have to adjust to, but beyond that you can do what you like. Even if something you've done turns out terrible, you're still going to be a better writer for having done it.