please conference. its 100% raw.

Questions unanswered
Visions of a perfect world
Remain one creature
Creator of the breaking point
Oh, creator of silence
Just another swept away
Underneath your wings

Escape this place
Remember this face
Feel the nails
Shot at babies

Death a pleasure
Palpable in dreams
Screams create
Your personal radio station

The moon a remnant
Of milky skin
All knowing eyes; craters
In control of tides; minds

Back with your fix
In your comfort zone
Single image scratched
Upon eyelids, and asylum walls

In control of every thought
The subconscious can create
Warmness the bait & lure
Still no cure

Feel the bricks of life
Crumble like twigs
To it’s control
The modern day troll

The end is not near
Feelings internal eternally
No way to slay the beast
Wallowing in yeast
What a magnificent feast
Not hard for her to swallow

Single raven in our midst
Leaving for another victim
For we need no feed
It’s a permanent moon to the ocean
Forever self-contained