So, awhile ago, I heard somebody play a guitar made by a company called Cobran. The guitar sounded freakin excellent. It had great sustain and tone. Check this thing out.

The guitar is called a Cobran FG-5 Deluxe. Apparently, it's only made in Japan

So, has anybody heard of this guitar? Or even this company? I've only ever seen one online and the seller never got back to me about it. He only want 500 for it too...
Team Up
Team Up
hi there, i have a Cobran...my wife bought it for me last christmas off ebay....
it is a fine fine instrument...i did a little research and i THINK it was made in the Chusin Gakki factory, the same one where the great Charvel 750 XLs were made ( another one of my favorites, i have a non-floyd model)...the newer Jackson Stars are made there too....
back to Cobran...there is basically no info about them anywhere....ive seen about 5 online, most of which were sales that already ended....tiny neck with great action...i have way too many guitars and a lot of what others would call better guitars....73 les paul deluxe...67 epi riviera....even a newer jarrett forza... but my little cobran is the one that goes with me every week to gigs...
hey bro, i have the same guitar too.,
i love it, its still in excelent shape, love the tone of it..
its a really descent guitar bro,