Is there any point to running my Line 6 DL4 through my JC120 in stereo via the effects loop? [The JC120 has 2 speakers]

Is it even possible when I also have an ISP G String in the effects loop?
Why would you run it through the effects loop if you amp is primarily used for cleans. There is no point to that, just run it up front in stereo. Problem solved.


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The Roland Jazz chorus has 2 return jacks.

By using this example instead of plugging the red cable into the return, plug it into the first input of the DL4 and then use 2 cables from the outputs of the DL4 into both the returns of the Jazz Chorus.

EDIT: Or you can be Mr. Minimalist like my friend Andrew above

EDIT: Or would you prefer Dr. Minimalist?
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I would have thought the signal's stereo effects would be lost by putting it into the one input at the front of the amp?
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So then I can't run it in front of the amp if I want true stereo? Because that's why I was thinking about putting it in the effects loop.

Given that the speakers are so close together, would I even notice the difference? Is it worth the effort?
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