Hey there, Ultimate Guitarists,

So after remembering the awesomeness of Armchair Bronco's Gorm pedalboard I'm starting the slow mission of making my own.

But there's one idea that I can't quite figure out; so if you could help me, that'd be awesome.

I need to take my pedalboard to gigs and stuff and don't want it getting too beaten around, so I'd like it to be self-contained in its own box.

Imagine my pedals on the bottom of the inside of the box, then some kind of thing where the lid is hinged along the back, so I can open the lid and it swivels all the way around, until eventually it raises my pedalboard on an angle.

Here's an incredibly stupid Paint diagram of what I mean; where the green bit is the lid-that-becomes-the-base of the box and blue bit is where my pedals sit.

If anyone could help; awesome.

If anyone has a better idea on how I can get a bright green pedalboard and easily carry it around; I'd like to hear that too!
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I'm gunna be making one soon too (mid to late nov.). What I'm gunna be doing is making an angled pedalboard like in your diagram, and put handles on the left and right (top surface not the actual sides). And I'll make a box that I can lift it in and out of with the handles. In the lid of the box I'll put foam that has cut outs for each individual pedal. Hope that gave you some ideas.
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That sounds like a heaps easier way. I was messing around with paper cutouts and stuff last night and it looks like my idea needs two hinges, so part of the lid can collapse and... well... I can't be bothered doing that! Hahaha
another idea would be to make a box where the hinges can come apart easily. lemme find a picture of what i mean. like this:

thats from an ebay auction, just searched for case hinge and it was one of the things that came up. ive seen them other places, and had bookmarked this place that had all these great fasteners like that (lost the bookmark )

anyway, basicly you would build like a briefcase type thing, and have the top thick part come off. you could even build it so the opening was angle like you want, and just have the top with a matching angle so the whole thing is a nice box.

i would personally also build input and output jacks straight into my board, but that may be more than you want to do. i was thinking a built in box at one corner with things like board bypass options. simple one would be just taking the whole board out of the signal, another option would be to have a second section/switch so you can have your effects loop pedals separate and also switchable. then theres my complex option which involves switches to bypass the front end or the effects loop, as well as switch the effects loop section to be out of the loop and in front of the board (basicly so you can not move anything if playing with an amp with no loop).

i dream big, and you probably dont care about most of that :P:
Hahaha nah it's cool, I'm also a pretty big dreamer. My first idea for a case was... like... you know those fishing toolboxes / tackleboxes that open out with steps? Here's a random picture off the interwebs...

I thought about building one of those to store my pedalboard in the bottom and then use the trays for leads and other crap. But that's really complicated, hahaha.

If I could be bothered, I'd attach the pedals to the trays and have a multi-tiered pedalboard... but then it would need to be mega reinforced or I'd step on it and it'd all fall down, haha.
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Dude... You jsut made me want it to be tomorrow even more with that tacklebox you posted. Going fishing. Gonna catch some fish. Gonna be wicked.

I was once building a box for my pedalboard, I gave up on it. I bought the vinyl and everything. I couldn't get any box corners for it, or the hinge things, or a handle.
I also did not have any idea of how to upholster it. That's why, not, I have decided to opt out for truckbed liner. Problem is... getting that.
..I was watching my death.
I'm planning on making one similar to yours, but I'm going to put hinges connecting all four sides to the base (the part the pedals would be sitting on) and connecting the bottom to either the front or back with hinges so that you can basically turn the whole thing inside out. Of course I'll put latches in the appropriate places to hold the thing either open or closed.

EDIT: After re-reading your OP I think I'm pretty much going to do the same thing you want to do.
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