Now this is something that has been bugging me a bit and I've finally decided to check it out, I play a Fender Mex Tele Std with some DiMarzio True Velvet T's in and i'm very happy with my sound through my amp, (Blackstar Artisan 15) however, it would seem that my volume control does nothing until practically all the way down, then it sharply drops in volume till all the way down when no sound comes out.

I've played with my amp real loud and saturated as well but my volume control doesn't clean me up or anything either (or am i thinking wrong here?), I'm thinking about getting a new one so it actually gradually changes volume/saturation instead of nothing then a sharp drop.

So my question is, should I get a new one and also what type of one should I get? Because I really don't know much about pots :s

Thanks very much, any help is greatly appreciated.
I may be mistaken here, but it sounds like you have a linear pot for your volume... either that or it's wired up the opposite way?? Does this make a difference?? I haven't experimented with them...

If you want to get a new one I would suggest finding out how many Ohms your current one is, and then finding a log pot with the same value.
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ive got an american tele with aftermarket pickups that are pretty high output and have the same thing happening. Although if you listen closely there is a drop in gain and volume but its not majorly noticable. Try playing with your gain only half way up, i found you can dial in a nice clean with the volume a quarter of the way round, then turn it back up for distortion.
Just for sanity, check the ground solders of your volume pot and tone knobs. When I got my new Les Paul, the exact same issue was happening with my neck pickup....it would work full volume until I turned the volume all the way down. Checked the electronics and surely enough there were 2 ground solders on the tone pots that werent soldered. You may have the same thing going on. Worth a check at least.
I had the same thing with the stock pots on my Ibanez SZ320ex. I changed them with a bit better quality ones and it fixed the problem. Look into that, the pots are not expensive and it's not hard to change them yourself if you can solder.

If you can't solder, if won't cost much to let someone do it at your local guitar shop.
ah ok thanks for the advice, i'll take it into account and probably get a new one when i next go to my guitar shop of choice, get them to do it as well as i'm too scared to do it myself :p what does the difference in pots, 500k, 1k etc mean? also whats the difference between log and linear pots?
Your gonna want audio pots in your guitar. They tend to cure this all the volume control in one end of the pot.
what letter are on your pots that you have in now? is it's 250kA then they already are log/audio pots. if it says 250kB then they're linear. when you have both pickups on, set both volumes to max. then drop one down to zero. if they both go silent then they're audio. if it just loses a little volume but doesn't ground out then they're linear. couple ways to test what are in them. type of pot matters too. CTS is better than Alpha. but they are slightly more costly.

amount of resistance controls brightness. 250k are used to take off a little treble to smooth out single coils. 500k are used with humbuckers so they retain a little more edge. 1Meg will brighten it further. i'm told it gives humbuckers a little more bite. i'm waiting to test it until more money comes in. there's a ton of info of wiring stuff in my sig.
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