I think the hardest thing for me is finding a drummer that is:

1. Willing to commit to more than one show
2. Not trying to charge and arm and leg to do a gig
3. Willing to practice at least once a week

I've worked with at least a half dozen drummers in the past year. It's tough finding someone that has the time to practice. Because of this I do a lot less full band shows than I would like.

I know to get some of the better gigs in town I'm going to need a drummer I can count on.

What do you guys do to effectively find a drummer to fit your band?
I think the hardest part of finding a drummer is finding one :P

Seriously, if you've been through 6 drummers in the last year and none of them have "the time to practice" you may want to ask yourself "why?".
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I just need a drummer then i can start doing gigs, i've been through 2 in the last 2 years lol where did u find 6 in 1 year?

On that note, anyone know where to advertise for drummers online or of any drummers? I'm in newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Well most of the reason are because they world full-time jobs. Had an awesome drumemr but he worked like 60-70 hours a week and could never tell me his weekend schedule until Friday night which made schedulying practice hard.

Another was just filling in for a show. She used to play drums full-time but couldn't continue to work with us because she had her son she was taking care of.

Another guy had the time to practice but his chops weren't really up to par with the othe drummers I have worked with. Timing was a bit off, but something I was willing to work with since he was willing to put the effort in. He was more of a hard rock heavy metal drummer and he wasn't looking for something more along those lines after we played a show together.

Had another drummer, but I wasn't established enough for him and he wanted to make more money. Can't really blame him for that one, but I had told him it he would make some money but not a lot off the bat. Original acts are tough to get started sometimes.

I think it's about finding the right one that has time. Someone who's really into the music and dedicating time for the love of music. Just really really hard. Then trying to find someone around my age makes it even harder.
Wow, you're lucky! SIX drummers in a year?? A luxury problem you've got there my friend. Ive found ONE drummer this year and he sucked harder than a category 5 tornado!
I guess that's one of the problems as you get older. There's a general notion that if you haven't "made it" by the age of 25, you should focus on other career opportunities. Most people would have full time jobs by the age of 26.

I can see that you're actually dedicated to finding a drummer, I'm unsure about why so many would say that they didn't have time when they were considering joining the band beforehand. Obviously joining a band would mean that they have to dedicate a certain amount of time.

How much time are you asking for?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
LB, i've seen a few threads by you here in the past coupl'a days, and each time it's a new show-stopper. try as i might to piece together where exactly you're coming from, i just can't seem to get it, so how's about fillin' us in a bit more? get ay demos online? what's your myspace page and city do you mainly play in? hell, what's your style?

we keep getting these bits and pieces... "i can't find a drummer," "how do i get people to come to my shows,"

we might could give you the answers you're lookin' for, but not without knowing the finer details of your situation.
There's always a multitude of reasons that a Drummer might leave a band, or not like one. With Drummers in short supply in most cases, they can pick and choose the opportunities that they wish, or that they feel is best suited for them. (Musicly, or monetarily, depending).

I'll tell you this though, you probably shouldnt be too picky about the guy who's "Chops" arent up to par just yet. If he's got the desire, give him a call.

I'll take a hack that wants it over a pro that never shows up......Any day of the week, any time. Desire is a skill that you dont teach, learn or develop, its something inate in all of us.
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Hey thanks for the replies everyone. Grisky, just to answer a few of your questions:

I am currently in the studio now recording my first full length album (10 songs total). It is a project I am funding myself. The demo stuff I have online is on my myspace page at the moment (myspace.com/laurenbatemanmusic). These were done at home about 8 months ago in garage band.

The genre is more pop with some hints of rock. Kind of a mix between Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge. As I have some stuff coming out of the studio I will make sure to let you know about them.

Right now I mostly play in the Cambirdge area at the smaller venues bars. I've been doing open mic nights as well to try and build my maling list. Not having a CD really kills your chances of getting in anywhere else where there are decent crowds.

I find I can get people to come out on the weekends for a full band show (anywhere from 20-40 people) but I'm still strugling to get people out during the middle of the week. When you can get a crowd out during the week is also when some of the local bars will start giving you better spots.

Alan to answer your question, I'm asking for a once a week practice commitment. For the full band shows I can usually make enough money to pay every $50-$60 for the show. Being a drummer myself I know it's a pain in the butt to lug gear around to shows and not make any money, but doing these full band shows really helps bring the people out.

I would just like someone who can be consistent and dedicated like myself and my bassist.

Hope this helps!