last week i put my retainer through the washing machine and dryer, had an appointment today to get it fixed.

It's unfixable and I have to purchase a new one for $180, a bit steep you think?

So pit, what expensive mistakes have you made in the past
GO Islanders!

I left my wallet on the bus on the day of my 19th birthday, with all of my ID in it and around $500 in cash.
Invaded iraq.
£600 phone.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
I've lost my savings book on many occasions, each time I've had to beg for a new one.
I'm gonna be more careful when I get a card (i'll have to in about 3 days).
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


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um, I accidentally signed up for a class I didn't mean to take this semester. I didn't even know I had it until I got an email from the teacher telling me that if I skipped one mare day there would be no possible way for me to pass the class, which I didn't know I had. I had to drop it and it was so late in the semester that they couldn't refund me since it was my mistake. It cost me $300, cheap for a college class but its still a lot of money.
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If you are thinking, you are winning.

Resistance is victory.

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a retainer is that thing to keep your teeth straight?

ya after you're done with braces, you wear it at night
GO Islanders!

Not at my expense but my mum bought all my school books, I did one week and then dropped out. Stupid move.
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I'm in need of a guy
I dropped my ipod in the jungle just a few months after getting it

I broke the neck of my guitar (well, I didn't break it, but it broke). Luckily, it was a cheap fix. Glue & clamp.
I lost my virginity this one time. It is freakin' IMPOSSIBLE to find those. I stole my girlfriend's but I think she's beginning to suspect. What do I do?
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