made up this 2-chord progression this week, but I wanted to put more chords to it, so just wondering, but what other chords can go with Dmaj7-Gm7? It's sort of a melodic, R&B-ish sound, but I can't figure out any other chords to go with them, I do know that it sort of goes from the D major scale then you can use D minor scale for the 2nd chord.
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Quote by XxDre09xX
so just wondering, but what other chords can go with Dmaj7-Gm7?

Whatever sounds good. If it's in D major you can use any chord from the D major scale. Frankly, most of the time you get boring sounds. I was fooling around and came up with this, to give you an impression:

Dmaj7 - Gm7 - F#ma7 - F - C

My advice is to just ignore them when you’re learning to play by ear, unless you really want to pack more theory than you need to into your brains. But if you ever need to delve more into it, you could always go to source like this one. You could aspire to learn all of the chords you want, but in actual playing of the piano, if you insert lot of precise and fancy chord names, chances are that you’re more likely to stumble on reading the tougher ones while playing. I mean, how quickly can your mind interpret something like Cm7b5 or Csus4 while playing…? (I guess maybe here, conventional music readers might have an advantage if they can decipher those wriggly notes on a pole quickly enough to play them without needing to know their alphabetical name).

With the more tough-sounding or exceptional chords I’ve encountered - rather than try to find an actual name for it, say in this tool - I prefer instead to write in red and circle the 3-4 notes in alphabets, and just write the bass (i.e., the root note to start with for my left finger) on top of these. If I really need to know the name, I just then refer to the chord chart.
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The Dmaj - Gm is a I-iv progression, which is a substitute for a basic I-V. Basically you're playing the tonic, then the chord that wants to resolve for the tonic, and it's perfectly cool. You're correct about being able to switch from D major to D minor.

Other chords I'd suggest would be either the ii or the IV, or Em or Gmaj respectively. Try putting one or both of them before the Gm and see how that works. Also, instead of the Gm try a Amaj or A7 in place of the Gm from time to time, if that suits the song.

One more thing to try would be the vi, or Bm. Try it right after the Dmaj or right after the Gm.

Summing this up, try:
D - G - Gm
D - Em - Gm
D - Em - G - Gm
D - Bm - G - Gm
D - Em - Gm - Bm

Or try some variations using those chords in different orders. By all means, only use those as rough guidelines. Experiment with many different things and have fun with it.

Good luck

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