I've been learning guitar for a couple years and I've constantly put off stuff like sweep picking and the like because it wasn't as musically important to me. But now that I've done everything else, I DO want to learn all the crazy 'WOW' stuff. I tried to start on my own, but it's slow progress.

Anyone have like a list of different techniques to try or where to start?
maybe get a teacher if you say your progresss is slow
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
Well, I've been self-taught since forever and I find that me motivating myself works better. (I hate working to someone else's schedule) Every instrument I've had a teacher for has kind of stagnated, but not with guitar because it's all me.

Plus I'm poor. :P
im learning that stuff as well. i just go very slow with it, like it sounds like crap for a long time 2 hours. so you can comprehend whats going on with your fingers.
I can solo on any given mode/scale, my legato is fine, my alternate picking is pretty fast (in my opinion).

And as for Comfortably Numb vs Under A Glass Moon, my 'WOW' would be leaning more to Dream theater...
You will need to make sure your alternate picking is decent. Really analyse it and make sure first. If it is i'd then start eco/sweep/hybrid picking.
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How can I gauge my alternate picking?

Well when i'm checking my technique i slow everything right down, playing on clean and distorted.

Look for:

Are you actually strictly alternate picking?
Are you sounding every note for the correct amount of time?
Are you striking on the beat?
Are you muting properly?

Once these are in check it's just a case of keeping your speed to a level you can maintain it at.

Once you've done that the rest of the techniques shouldn't be too hard to get down.

You just have to stick to that formula.

Time, Rhythm, Muting, Speed.

Get those 4 things right with any technique and you're going to be playing pretty well.
Well, in that case, I 'd say my alternate picking is pretty good. I think the only thing that could be significantly better is speed.