Poll: Which guitar is better for metal??
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Ibanez RG321MH
4 57%
Ibanez 370 DX
1 14%
Jackson JS30WR Warrior
3 43%
Voters: 7.
iv been playing guitar for 3 years only got first electric last year but now i want a new one im stuck between these three Ibanez RG321MH or jackson JS30WR Warrior or Ibanez RG370 DX
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price range, style, amp

Edit: hooboy, wrong forum and all. id recommend having a looky over the rules.
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How about you try the "Electric Guitar" forum - its there for a reason, ya know...

But, so I don't sound like a complete asshole, what genres do you play and what other gear do you have??
the jackson js series aint bad. theyre made of some kind of cedar so theyre really light but not very durable because of it. you can get a decent sound out of them but its nothing spectacular. i cant really say much for the ibanez though. i dont know much about them