so I'm gonna get some money due to some scolarships and i wanna buy some new equipment since i've been playing for about 3 or 4 years and still have a squier. My question is will this gear be a good idea or does someone have a better idea?

AMP ===> Orange Crush 30R link here

Guitar ===> Fender 60's Classic Series link lhere

Pedal ===> Ibanez WH-10V2 link here

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You could probably do better for the money. Whats your budget? Will you go used? Closest major city? Do you/will you gig?
I'd go with a valvetronix for the amplifier
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I'd go with a valvetronix for the amplifier


Or the Peavey Vypyr. Both have decent effects and are great amps for the money. I have a little Orange Crush that I use for practice, but for the money that the 30 costs, you can get a better deal on the VOX or Peavey. Not sure how much money that is in USD...or how much amps cost where you are...but you could look into the Blackstar Ht-5 and VOX AC4 if you want to go the tube amp route (they don't have the built in effects that the first two amps I mentioned do)
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I'd say split your bugdet about 500 for amp and 250 for guitar. There are some nice guitars for £250, and £500 for an amp will get you something real nice too.
I've got a Orange Crush 30R, and it's decent for what it is, which is just a SS practice amp. It's distortion channel is decent sounding, but not anything to rave about. I use mine with a Tonelab modeller for pinch duty for the occasional tones I can't get from my normal tube setup or for a test amp in the workshop. So if you don't run some kind of modelling with it you'll grow tired of it quickly IMO.

Focus on a good amp first, then any pedals which may be well suited for that amp, then guitar.