Well, neither of those is an amplifier. They're both just cabinets. Of the two, the Ampeg is the classic bass cabinet. Of course, you have to take into account how you are going to transport it. 8x10 cabinets weigh a ton and take up a lot of room. If you have a small car, it might not be feasable. The Mesa is a first-rate cabinet, too. Both are very high quality cabinets for putting out a lot of sound.
yeah, i know they arent lol, just what im used to sayin. but yeah, never really thought of size. thanks
Well, the Ampeg is going to be louder, it'll just move more air vs the Mesa. Think youve got any chance of trying either of them out in a store? I'd bet there would be a 8x10 display model at nearly any major retailer but the Mesa might be much more rare to come across.

Also, would you need to be able to handle 800 watts? Do you have another cab? All that good stuff, transport can definitely be a issue just as FatalGear41 said too.
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the mesa is more of a high-fi sound wich can be great for live perpouses but for recording it can make the bass sound "fake" i chose the ampeg 8x10 because the speakers have a character to them that other cabinets lack.

maybe you could decide by reading up on what cabinets your favorite artists use??
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if it was me, I'd get the Mesa. it at least has a tweeter.
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THe Mesa is gonna have better build quality but the fact of the matter is the its an 8x10 vs a 4x10 so you really just need pick which of those cabinet styles you really want.
Completly different sounds out of those two, gotry them and decide your self.
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