Hi anyone, I have this eko vintage guitar, I think its late 70's. Its a one-piece wooden guitar, its made of different wood throughout the guitar which shows that it may be quite expensive, I think. Could anyone please tell me what you think the model and the value might be? Thanks

I'm not sure about value, but im really diggin that thing...
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That looks very similar to the Aria Tri-Sound. I can't really help you out much more than that mate, I'm afraid. I do know that EKO guitars were made in Italy though, if you didn't already know that.
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I have no idea and never hard of the company, but it saying reinforced steel neck makes me think it is a MIJ.
Check that Brass nut out! Different woods does not always indicate higher value. It could be a laminated top which could lead to a crap tone. Have you played it?
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Here's what I found on the company...I guess it's their website. Apparently they used to make guitars way back in the '50's and now they're back with stuff. Interesting gear.


It may not help much but if you send the pics to one of their contacts I bet they'd help, looks like a small operation.

BTW, I really like the looks of that guitar. Hopefully it plays as well as it looks.
I really know nothing about Eko guitars, but i'm pretty sure that isn't a laminate top, since it looks a whole lot like a neck-thru. Normally neck-thrus are a little more expensive than cheap bolt-ons and some set necks. Looks like it has two mini-switches too, maybe for coil-tapping? Something like that ends to be an add-on, or might increase the value if it was a stock feature. Looks like a nice guitar, I hope it sounds as good as it looks.