I'm an 18 year old freshman at ucf in orlando, florida. From what i've heard...musicians aren't all they are cracked up to be here...but trivium was from orlando. so whatever.

I'm looking to form a metal band...various influences...I am a vocalist. have my own p.a system, but somehow...can't find the microphone (willing to buy new one). I am down for anything like...bring me the horizon, lamb of god, as blood runs black, unearth, linkin park, or infusions of them. I love being on stage and leading a band during a show. Making people bang their heads, and hearing people clap and come up after the show and actually enjoy it. I don't want a shitty garage band, i want willing, focuses, determined, mid-high level musicians. I am willing to take voice lessons to broaden my range as well as be able to sing. I have good mids-highs and am working on lows. i HATE all low vocal music, growling, etc. I might be screaming but i want people to understand my lyrics...somewhere between bmth and bob dylan in lyrical understanding coherence. lol

I love epic intros, exciting breakdowns, and meaningful lyrics. I am willing to commit as long as you are. Please pm me if interested or have any other questions.
dude im in orlando no idea how long ago you posted that but im like out in winterpark i play guitar stuff like suicide silence all that remains lamb of god wtc twdp bmth all that facy stuff haha but yea
i live in orlando...and i kinda want to be in a band...but ive had my guitar for a month,and if it makes a difference i was looking for the exact same genre of music.
wont be offended if you say no.
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