Anyone have any experience with Phonic's products? looking into getting a helix


Although it seems they've cleared their inventory and replaced them with these newer, dark grey units

any other boards I should look for? I'm looking to record a band - but wish for it to be firewire with near-to-no latency (especially for overdubs)

As I've never ventured into the world of multitracks or mixers, typically I thought mixers were strictly for eq and input gain, preamps etc - the thought of using them for actually recording direct to a pc never crossed my mind when I bought my first direct box , oh so many years ago :P
I've got a Phonic Helixboard 12 Mk2 - with firewire. It's awesome!

Had some driver issues to start with but everything runs fine now. It's basically latency free.

Yeah, I'd really recommend them!