Hi i'm pretty new to this forum i've been playing guitar for about four months now...almost only metal. Over that time i've developed a good enough sense of rythm and picking technique to play along and jam to easy songs as well as learn riffs to some tougher ones.

However, one technique that i cannot do very well yet that is very common in the songs i am trying to learn is hammer on pulloffs. I can do the hammer ons easily enough but when i do pulloffs i make almost no sound. Is there something i'm not doing that i should be? I just don't quite understand why i can't do them.
when i first learned to pull-off, it helped to mute the higher(closest to the ground) strings with the index and really curl the ring finger so i can get on top of and over the string to perform the hammer on and be in a good position for the pull-off. the more calloused your fingers, the better it will sound. one thing you may be forgetting, is that pull-off is a bit misleading. you aren't just merely lifting your finger off the string (which of course would be tooooo easy), but instead flicking the string down, while using a fretted finger closer to the headstock to act as the desired note. basically the flicking on the pull-off acts as another pick strike to the string, thus giving you the note. hope this helps
Yeah a friend told me that too but everytime i try to flick the string my finger always ends up hitting the string above it. But thanks yeah i'll try arching my finger over that'll probably prevent me from hitting other strings.
Dig as much into the string, and pluck off hard.

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